SSVC-1 v2

£135 (not including p&p)

The SSVC-1 v2 consists of two parts, one being a circuit bent voice changer, and the other a squarewave oscillator circuit, using the same circuitry as the Delfy SS-1 with added features like a photoresistor you can use like a theremin! The two sections of the SSVC-1 can be used seperately as they both have outputs, or you can use a jack lead (as pictured but not included) to put the SS-1 section through the FX-unit section! The new version also features a bypass switch, volume dial, activate LED and a glitch body contact. Watch the video above (the slight hiss at the beginning of the video is nothing to do with the SSVC-1!) or download the sound sample from the bottom of this page.


FX unit section

+ 5 switches that change the sound
+ mic
+ effect dial
+ activate LED
+ activate switch
+ true bypass switch
+ voume dial
+ glitch body contac

+ 1/4 inch switched mono jack input for plugging in mic, keyboard etc.
+ 1/4 inch mono jack output for plugging into an amp or mixer
+ 3 LED's that light when signal passes through

+ sturdy natural finish aluminium box

SS-1 section

+ square wave oscillator dial
+ 2nd oscillator dial
+ pair of body contacts
+ photoresistor to be used like a theremin!
+ photoresistor on/off switch
+ mode Switch
+ mode LED's
+ 1/4'' mono jack output
+ rubber feet to stop it slipping
+ on/off switch

What the SSVC-1 can do

Let's start with the 'FX unit' side of the SSVC-1. It is capable of taking any sound input or using the in-built mic and mutating the sound in many different ways. The five 'sound change' switches change the sound in various ways. Any combination of switch positions can affect the sound, so the possibilities are endless! You can get anything from deep evil rumbling sounds to high pitched demonic ones! There is an 'effect control' dial. This will change whatever sound you have already got in various ways, adding to the huge array of noises you can already get! the glitch body contact will take the pitch down even lower when the effect dial is already turned down, creating strange glitchy noises occasionally too! Flick the activate switch on, and then when ever there is a strong enough signal the SSVC-1 will mangle it up. There is a switched jack socket for an input. This means the in-built mic will work unless you plug something in, and then it will switch to that instead. Line signals will work best, such as keyboards,drum machines or other circuit bent toys etc. You can plug in mics as well, or guitars, although the signals may be weak, so you may want to go through an amp first. You can use the bypass switch to bypass the SSVC-1 altogether, and use teh volume dial to balance the volumes of the effected sound with the regular volume of whatever you plug in. There are 3 LEDS that will light when a signal is going in. So plug in a drum machine, and they will light rythmically. Or if you plug in a something with a more constant sound, like the SS-1 section of the SSVC-1, they will glow brighter with the more signal coming though!

There are two modes on the SS-1: body contact mode and oscillator mode. In body contact mode the SS-1 will not make a sound until you touch the two body contacts and make it squeal and groan to your your hearts delight. You can get full control over the squarewave with you hands by varying the amount you touch the huge body contacts. If you switch to oscillator mode, the SS-1 makes a constant squarewave. The left pot/dial controls the pitch of the first oscillator, and the right one controls the second oscillator. You can take the first oscillator down to a rythmic metronome-like pitch, or up to a high squeal. The second Oscillator is modulated by the first one, and at a slow tempo you can hear it getting gated on and off. When you tune oscillator 1 higher, and adjust oscillator 2, you get some amazing flangey, frequency modulation-type sounds. It's hard to explain these sounds exactly, so watch the video or download the sound sample below.

You can get a huge array of sounds with minimal controls, and once you have the SS-1 section running through the FX unit section, the possibilities are endless! This versatile piece of equipment would be at home in any studio or on stage! Watch the old SSVC-1 video for more idea of what it can do, and also check out the SS-1 videos!

The SSVC-1 runs on a 9v battery (not included). Please note the short jack lead shown in the picture is not included. The dimensions of the box are 190 x 110 x 60.

SSVC-1 Manual


£135 (not including p&p)
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(this is the sound from the video at the top of this page, and has the SSVC-1 being used with external effects towards the end)