Super SS-1

This creation has been sold!


The Super SS-1 is capable of a huge variety of squeals and squelches, whilst still being very hands on and easy to use!. Watch the video above or
click here to download the full quality sound sample.(this is the sound from the video at the top of this page, and has the Super SS-1 being used with external effects towards the end)


+ 2 x Square wave oscillator dials

+ 2 x gate oscillator dials

+ ON/OFF switches for the two sets of oscillator dials and LEDs

+ Pair of large metal body contacts

+ Small body contacts for altering the sound

+ Photoresistor with ON/OFF switch and LED

+ ON/OFF rocker switch

+ 1/4'' mono jack output

+ 'On' LED

+ Rubber feet to stop it slipping


What the Super SS-1 can do

The big metal body contacts control one of the 4 oscillators. You can get full control over the squarewave with you hands by varying the amount you touch the body contacts. There are two pairs of oscillators (coloured knobs) that you can turn on and off with corresponding switches. Each pair works like this : The left pot/dial controls the pitch of the first oscillator, and the right one controls the second oscillator. You can take the first oscillator down to a rythmic metronome-like pitch, or up to a high squeal. The second Oscillator is modulated by the first one, and at a slow tempo you can hear it getting gated on and off. When you tune oscillator 1 higher, and adjust oscillator 2, you get some amazing flangey, frequency modulation-type sounds. the two pairs of oscillators are set differently so one goes very low and like a metronome, and the other squeals nice and high! You can turn on the photoresistor and either block out or let in light to change the pitch of it, like a theremin. There are two little body contacts, which are meant to be used seperately whilst also touching the two large body contacts together with your hand. They both modulate the sound in different ways, making for more 8-bit style and flangey sounds! It's hard to explain these sounds exactly, so watch the video or download the sound sample below. You can get an endless amount of sounds out of the Super SS-1, either by using all the oscillators seperately or turning them all on and making a lot of noise! Once you start adding effects, the possibilities are endless!

The Super SS-1 runs on a 9v battery (not included)


Look at or download the manual below



(this is the sound from the video at the top of this page, and has the Super SS-1 being used with external effects towards the end)