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The SB1 is a truly unique Delfy One-off! One of the the main features being the seperate gamepad/box which has had two Playstation analogue sticks mounted in it, and can be used to control the oscillators! You can't get much more control than that, and with all the features of the main box and massive metal body contacts, you can create all the blips, squeals and drones you ever wanted!
click here to download a sound sample.(this is the sound from the video at the top of this page, and has the SB-1 being used with external effects towards the end)


+ Gamepad box with 2 Playstation analogue sticks to control two oscillator pairs!

+ Gamepad socket

+ 2 Gamepad oscillators and gated osciallators with on/off switch for each

+ Ultrabright Green and Blue LEDS that flash in time with the oscillators

+ Squarewave Oscillator with ON/OFF switch, LED and Pitch Dial

+ Squarewave Oscillator with ON/OFF switch, LED and Photoresistor

+ Large Body contacts to control another oscillator!

+ ON/OFF switch

+ 'ON' LED

+ 1/4'' mono jack output

+ 9v battery holder (batteries not included)

+ Printed Vinyl with controls and custom Delfy Design

+ Rubber feet to stop both boxes slipping


What the SB-1 can do

The SB-1 has a load of oscillators with all kinds of ways of controlling them! The most unique way has to be using the Gamepad Box which can be plugged in. Each of the sticks has a main oscillator with which pitch can be varied by a horizontal action, and a gated oscillator which can be controlled by a vertical action. They have different ranges and are therefore capable of different sounds! Once the Gamepad Box is plugged in you can turn on either, or both of the analogues oscillators. There is a mode switch for each analogue stick too, which chooses between just one oscillator controlled by a horizontal action, or both! You can get some amazing flangey frequency modulation type sounds with the left stick, while getting some more rythmic sounds out of the right one.

On the main box you have the large metal body contacts which won't make a sound until you touch them, and then you can squeal or groan away depending on how much contact you make with your body! There is a simple squarewave oscillator with a pitch dial. There is also an oscillator that can be controlled by a photoresistor, so varying the amount of light will change the pitch, sort of like using a theremin! You can turn everything on at once to produce some extreme noise or, for example by using the body contacts at the same time as the gamepad, they modulate eachother's sound and open up a new world of possibilities! Add some external FX like delay or reverb and you can make all the 8-bit bleeps, Dub like squeals and hardcore noise you ever wanted! As usual, you are going to have to watch the video to see!

The dimensions of the main box are approx : 150 x 100 x 60mm , The dimensions of the gamepad box are : 115 x 65 x 45 mm

The SB-1 runs on a 9v battery (not included).


Look at or download the manual below



(this is the sound from the video at the top of this page, and has the SB1 being used with external effects towards the end)