Red Box

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The Red Box is a cocktail of original circuits and circuit bent kids toys! The right hand side is an SS-1, with the big metal handles on the sides acting as body contacts! The left hand side is a circuit bent kids toy, with added original circuitry, giving it the ability to loop, watch the video above now!
click here to download a sound sample.(this is the sound from the video at the top of this page, and has the Red Box being used with external effects towards the end)


+ 2 sound sample buttons, saying various words, or playing a tune depending which mode you are in

+ Mode switch

+ 2 AA battery compartment (batteries not included)


+ Extreme pitch dial

+ Loop 3 way switch

+ Loop speed dial

+ Loop speed LED

+ Crunch switch

+ Modulate body contact

+ 1/4'' mono jack output

+ On/Off switch

+ 9v battery holder (battery not included)



+ Square wave oscillator dial

+ 2nd oscillator dial

+ Pair of metal handles for use as body contacts

+ Mode Switch

+ ON/OFF switch

+ 1/4'' mono jack output

+ 'On' LED

+ 9v battery holder (batteries not included)



+ Handmade and hand painted red wooden box

+ 4 rubber feet to stop it slipping

+ 2 handles to carry it (also body contacts for the SS-1 section)

+ Clip to hold the lid closed


What the Toy section of the Red Box can do

The Red Box has 2 sections, with two seperate outputs. The toy section, and the SS-1 section. First I will explain the toy section.
There are two buttons to play samples of words like 'cat' or 'mummy', or play a tune depending which mode you are in. Then the 3-way loop switch will start looping a different sample when switched to either side, whilst being off in the middle. In one mode it will loop the words 'bird' and 'dad', and in the other mode will loop a bird noise or a little tune. (the word dad is followed by a strange glitchy sound, for some reason, sounds pretty cool though!). Once you have flicked the loop switch to either side you can change the speed of the loop with the loop speed dial. There is a pitch dial which can go to extreme bassy lows or squeaky highs. In some combinations of speed and pitch the Red Box might stop looping, but once you turn the pitch back up, or the speed down, it will start again. There is a little body contact on the front of the box to alter the sound!

What the SS-1 section of the Red Box can do

There are two modes on the SS-1: body contact mode and oscillator mode. In body contact mode the SS-1 will not make a sound until you touch the two handles/body contacts and make it squeal and groan to your your hearts delight. You can get full control over the squarewave with you hands by varying the amount you touch the body contacts. If you switch to oscillator mode, the SS-1 makes a constant squarewave. The left pot/dial controls the pitch of the first oscillator, and the right one controls the second oscillator. You can take the first oscillator down to a rythmic metronome-like pitch, or up to a high squeal. The second Oscillator is modulated by the first one, and at a slow tempo you can hear it getting gated on and off. When you tune oscillator 1 higher, and adjust oscillator 2, you get some amazing flangey, frequency modulation-type sounds. It's hard to explain these sounds exactly, so watch the video or download the sound sample.

To see more examples of what the SS-1 section can do click here and watch the SS-1 video


Look at or download the manual below



(this is the sound from the video at the top of this page, and has the Red Box being used with external effects towards the end)