Black Box

This creation has been sold!


The Black Box Dub Siren is the ultimate dub siren. It has all the features of a regular Delfy Creations Dub Siren but with a circuit bent voice changer used for the FX section! It is a truly unique piece housed in a hand made and painted matt black box, with printed vinyl on the control panel. Make all the blips, squeals and drones you ever wanted while catching a lot of eyes along the way!
click here to download a sound sample.(this is the sound from the video at the top of this page, and has the Balc Box being used with external effects towards the end)


+ 3-way sound switch for different siren sounds

+ 3 way chop/off/constant switch

+ Constant LED

+ Chop LED

+ Pitch dial

+ Chop speed dial

+ Burst button


+ ON/OFF switch

+ Squarewave oscillator with ON/OFF switch

+ 5 effect switches

+ Effect dial

+ Signal LEDS

+ 1/4'' mono jack output

+ Hand made matt black wooden box!

+ Custom printed vinyl graphics on the aluminium panel

+ Rubber feet to stop it slipping

+ 2 AA battery holder

+ 9v battery holder


What the Black Box can do

The Black Box can produce 3 different siren sounds by using the sound 3-way switch. You can use the burst button to let out little bursts of sound, to make little bleeps etc. Or you can flip the chop/off/constant switch to constant to let the siren wail away on its own, or switch chop on, to chop the signal on and off. You can vary the speed it chops with the chop speed dial! If you are in chop mode, you can still use the burst button get bursts of constant signal! There is a pitch dial which will vary the pitch of any of the sirens! There is also an extra squarewave oscillator for some extra squeals and groans!

The FX side of the black box can mangle the sound in many different ways. The five 'sound change' switches change the sound. Any combination of switch positions can affect the sound! You can get deep evil rumbling sounds, to high pitched demonic sounds! There is an 'effect control' dial. This will change whatever sound you have already got in various ways, just adding to the huge array of sounds you can already get! There are 5 LEDS that will light when noise is being made! You will never run out of noises with the Black Box!

There are a few minor blemishes on the control panel, including a few air bubbles that got trapped under the vinyl, nothing that affects use, and not very noticable! Check out the video and photos.

The Black Box runs on a 9v battery and 2AA batteries (not included).


Look at or download the manual below



(this is the sound from the video at the top of this page, and has the Black Box being used with external effects towards the end)