At Delfy Creations we make all kinds of hand-made electronic musical contraptions. We have a range of 'Delfy Originals' which we sell all the time, and we also sell one-off items, ranging from original circuits to circuit bent toys and instruments! Check out the 'photos' page! Our creations would make a great addition to any electronic musician, band or DJ's setup. Some are more suited for live use, some for sampling/in the studio etc. But one thing is certain, you'll never run out of weird and wonderful noises with a Delfy Creation!



It's all pretty self explanatory but there are a few things you should know! All news is on the homepage, so if you scroll down it you can see it from the beginning to now! If you go to the 'For Sale' page you can either look at the ' One-offs' or the 'Delfy Originals'. The 'One-offs' page will act as an archive for any one-off pieces we have created, so you just have to click on any of the 'Sold' items to go to it's page and see a description, video, sound sample, manual,and pictures! This is way you can get a good idea of things we have done. Alternatively, just go to the 'Photos' page for a less in-depth look. Click on the small photos on an items page to see them large and full quality. Have a look at an item's manual before you buy it to see what all the controls do!



Delfy Creations is the work of Alex Delfont and Shaun Crook. We live in London, England. I'm Alex, and I'll be looking after the website, so here is a little bit about how it all began. I started fiddling with old toys and instruments a few years ago. I was amazed by what could be done with other peoples useless stuff and soon went on to create my own circuits and custom pieces. I ended up making far too many things to keep, so I started selling them on ebay, and got a good response. I decided to make a myspace page, under the name 'Delfy Circuit Bent Instruments', where I could put pictures and samples of all the things I was selling. I was getting lot of interest, and so I sold a lot of on ebay and I was commissioned to make a fair bit as well.
After returning from a roadtrip around Europe I decided I wanted to start doing things slightly differently. So I made this website and changed the name to Delfy Creation. Also, I joined forces with a good friend of mine, Shaun Crook. He has been doing this stuff for years and has made many a crazy machine! So now we work on all the designs together and get twice as much done. Some of the better known artists out there using Delfy Creations are : Far Too Loud, Atomic Drop, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Venetian Snares, Slagsmalsklubben, Sabrepulse, Jimmix and Longstone.



We have Delfy Originals that we can make repeatedly, as well as occasional One-off creations. So check the 'for sale' page to see what's for sale. If you want to buy a Delfy Original just email orders(at)delfycreations.com with what you want to buy, your address, and how you would like to pay. We will then send you the bill, including postage costs so you can pay. We accept Paypal, bank transfers, cheques and cash (sent at your own risk!). When using paypal, you can use any of the cards below! Our paypal email address is also orders(at)delfycreations.com



We send by Royal Mail Special Delivery in the UK when possible. When sending overseas we use Royal Mail Airsure if possible, and International Signed For if not. All these types of delivery are insured. Doing it this way means it's quick and in the event of something getting lost or damaged, nobody loses any money! If you want to use a chpeaer delivery method, please email us, but it won't always be insured or quick. We make no money from postage, and we don't charge for any packing! These are Royal Mail's prices! Click here for postage prices for the Delfy Originals.



Please make sure you read the manual before you use any Delfy Creation. Manuals for any of our creations can be found on that items page in the for sale section. Click here to go to the manuals page. Have a look before you buy anything to find out what all the controls do!



All of our creations are made with a lot of care and skill and should stand the test of time if you look after them, but in rare events components can fail. So with everything we sell, we offer a 3 month warranty. In this time, if something you have bought breaks, through no fault of your own, then send it back to us and we will fix or replace it. Components and cases are subject to change due to them being discontinued or sold out by our suppliers. (don't worry, nothing drastic!). There may be very minor blemishes on some cases due to them being factory made.



If you would like to join the Delfy Creations mailing list, then just send us an email with your name and 'mailing list' in the subject line to general(at)delfycreations.com . You will recieve emails about new things for sale and any interesting Delfy Creations news that you might want to know about!



We use newspaper for padding in our packages as it can be recycled, and biodegradable bubble wrap. Most of the time, the creations won't come with batteries, as we hope you will use rechargable batteries when possible, like we do! (Also saves on postage). We also use green web hosting. All of their servers, office computers, and lighting is run from wind generated power.



This website was created by Tom Meddings (unedible.co.uk) and Alex Delfont